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Education Program: “Love Your Pet”

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

Education is fundamental in growing awareness to the value of animals. Programs presented to school children in the classroom are the main focus of our education initiative.

Help us change the landscape.

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3 Comments on “Education Program: “Love Your Pet”

  1. We started our program in 2015 with our new Event Coordinator, Armando Rubio. He has been a real asset to our Board with his knowledge of the community and his bilingual skills. So far we have given two classes and have reached approximately 200 elementary aged kids. In 2016 we hope to change the landscape for the animals of San Felipe with better care through our education program. Please, “Love Your Pet”.

  2. A big Thank You to Irene Cogley who has helped Armando and VIVA get the word out.

  3. Thank you for such wonderful approach to the compassionate treatment of animals. It all starts with educating our children to achieve a higher consciousness and empathy toward the treatment of all living entities.

    I will donate monthly. Thank you, Irene Cogley and Armando. and the VIVA Team. Be well,

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